‘Anti-Net-Neutrality’ SILENCE!

‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ became ‘four legs good, two legs better’ – Animal Farm.

For the situation that we have today it can be rephrased as ‘privacy good, big brother bad’ becomes ‘privacy is good, big brother is better’ and finally we get to the point where ‘big brother is good, and those who oppose us, are evil.’

Hitler used this same strategy to the point that people were turning family members into the authorities for opposing him. Political opponents simply vanished.

With a defeat to NET NEUTRALITY, websites, blogs, and others that hold to a different point of view could vanish as well. Many of them already have. Big brother is synonymous with big corporation. Not all of them have caved into the pressures being placed on them but I think its pretty safe to say that some of them have. Shame on you.

Andrew Jackson beat ‘big brother’ and with your help WE can do it again.

Note: Calling this issue ‘net neutrality’ is one of the tactics used to divert the motive behind it. The motive is anti-net-neutrality. Start calling it for what it is, start calling it the ‘Anti-Net-Neutrality’ proposal.

The FCC received over a million public comments on this issue and this fall they will be making a final decision on the matter. Regardless of the outcome, the ISP providers themselves will continue to hold the cards, and the best way to enforce net neutrality, forever, is to let the ISP providers know where you stand, that if they continue to poison the internet with this sort of thing, that you’ll switch to another ISP, one that will fight against media manipulation, in all of its forms.

Let this be the action we take going forward. Contact your ISP today and let them know. Now all we need to do is get at least one of the major ISPs’ on board with us. Who will it be?

Please share this message. Or if you disagree, then don’t.