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Salutron - LIFETRAK C410 ZONE - ADVANCED FITNESS WATCH - with Heart Monitor & Blue Tooth

Aside from everything else, this is a nice sleek-looking watch that can be worn 24/7. Tracks Time of Day, Calories, Distance, Steps Taken, Sleep, and Heart Rate. One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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Get in the Zone, and Get Moving!

The Zone C410 automatically tracks your activity, both day and night. And its the ONLY product on the market to incorporate your heart rate into the calorie calculation.

ECG Accurate – Your LifeTrak fitness watch will display and store your real-time Pulse & Heart Rate at the press of a button. Your sleep efficiency is also monitored, based on micro movements (motion and arm posture), automatically, so there’s no need to tell it you are going to sleep.

LifeTrak displays daily totals in real time for Calories Burned, Steps Taken, and Distance Traveled, and also maintains ‘Recent History Graphs’ – an hourly chart summary for today, and a daily chart summary for the previous week.

You can instantly review your progress and results on each one of the stats (calories, distance, and steps taken) at any time throughout the day, with both daily 24-hour charts, and weekly charts covering the past seven days.

There is a ‘Workout Mode’ as well, to track and record the data for a workout session separately.

App Connected – The ‘LifeTrak Move’ C410 model includes the advanced features of sharing your health readings with your smartphone and apps using our open API and BlueTooth technology, including the ability to incorporate GPS data from your phone for even better distance tracking.

Additional Features:

No charging required! Battery lasts for up to a year and is replaceable.
Pretty blue LED back-light for viewing in the dark.
One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Waterproof to 90ft

Smart-Phone Compatibility:
iPhone 5c – iPhone 5s – iPhone 5 – iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy S III – Samsung Galaxy S4

About Salutron

Salutron Inc., founded in 1995, is one of the first companies of its kind to develop On-Demand ECG accurate heart rate monitoring solutions. We have designed and developed Heart Rate monitoring solutions under a multitude of brands and have grown to become a “body monitoring solutions” technology house, expanding our proprietary technologies over the past decade, and continue to lead the body-monitoring world with our Free Living Solutions.

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