I want my (MTV) INTERNET! Protecting Net Neutrality from the trolls!

In case you didn’t know, there is a debate going on again in Washington DC regarding ‘net neutrality’ or rather the demise of net neutrality, and the head of the FCC wanted to side-step its defeat that occurred in front of congress several years ago.

The FCC was going to have a vote today but at the last minute they delayed the vote and is considering a second option, to make the internet into a public utility which will protect net neutrality from the control of individual corporate interests.

The demise of net neutrality could have wide-spread implications that not only limit our freedom of speech, but could impact the internet in other more destructive ways as well. While there is some merit to limiting access to bandwidth hogs such as video streaming and downloads, giving corporations the ability to control access with little to no oversight would be a grave mistake, one that could have lots of unintended consequences.

1. The cost to download or view a video/movie will rise if the internet service providers are allowed to charge a premium on such content. And trust me, if any new costs are levied on to the content provider, those costs will be passed on, and YOU will be the one footing the bill.

2. Small websites and other portals that don’t match with their agenda, or can’t afford to pay these trolls, could experience corporate controlled speed of access issues or be blocked and ‘disappear’ altogether!

This sort of power is very similar to the fascist policies of governments that impose restrictions on internet access. The only difference here is who is at the controls, a corporation rather than a government. And that makes it even worse, as the ability to increase pricing to the consumer (directly or indirectly) at their own unsupervised discretion, is their primary goal.

Making the internet into a public utility will require that any new cost increase proposals be brought before the public for their approval, the same as with all the other public utilities that we enjoy.

A 60 day window has been opened for the public to weigh in on the matter before the final voting takes place. So its time to get up off your butts and stand up for net neutrality, once and for all.

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