2014 Magnolia Blossom Festival & World Championship Steak Cookoff!

On the FOOD NETWORK this morning…

Where’s The Beef? Right here y’all!
Where's the beef? Steaks
Beef, its what’s for dinner!

GoFishyGo! is run from the small southwest Arkansas town of Magnolia and one of the things that we all look forward to each year are the festivals that take place downtown.

Back in May the Magnolia Blossom Festival was held again, and that meant another round of steak and barbeque competition in the World Championship Steak Cook Off.

Who’d have thunk that a small town like Magnolia could wrangle up a world championship anything. They must have a really good PR team is all I can say.

It is a pretty good way to get people out of their homes, and start thinking about the summer season that lies ahead I suppose.

The festivities include a parade but I have to tell you, its not all that exciting, except for the participants maybe. Lots of young beauty pageant girls waving, pickup trucks galore, a few marching bands that are pretty amazing for such a small community, and the fire trucks. No parade would be complete without firetrucks.

Aside from the parade they always have some live entertainment lined up for the evening hours, and whole slew of arts and crafts booths to venture through. That and of course there’s the food vendors. But the biggest thing has to be the steak cook-off.

This year’s festival was extra special in that the production team from the Food Network TV show were on hand and did some filming.

And finally, this morning(!) the segment that they filmed, aired on national TV.  Now we’re famous! Thank you Food Network.

Did you watch it? Well if not, that’s ok. Here’s a link to the Food Network’s channel on YouTube and I’ll add a link to that specific video when its available. In the mean time you can watch some of the other videos that highlighted some of the festivities – Magnolia Blossom Festival & World Championship Steak Cook Off.

I think I’ll wrap this post up with a few words (and video) from one of the contestants… How would you like to be a Food Network Star?

PS – If you have a world class steak recipe or some other tips for cooking the perfect steak, share them in the comments below.